Baby Jeeter Fatso – Fatso Marijuana Strain

Fatso Baby Jeeter Joints:  Five .35g Joints 1.75g | Indica | 30% THC Indoor Grown

Fatso is an Indica bred by crossing GMO Cookies and Legend OG. Marijuana Fatso OG is a sweet, chunky strain whose buds live up to its name and whose flavor lives up to its reputation. Also, it is a newer strain that caters to gas, Kush, and Cookies alike. This funky, fuel-tasting indica is high in THC and comes covered in trichomes, making it great for hash. It is more of a utility strain, there’s enough gas and hash there to appease any toker of the old school.

Baby Jeeter fatso, Baby jeeters, Fatso Marijuana Strain, Jeeter Fatso
Baby jeeters, Fatso Marijuana Strain, Jeeter Fatso Strain

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Aroma and Appearance. Jeeter Fatso has a mid-bright, green color with orange notes on it and a nice nugget that looks very fresh. In addition, this marijuana strain is dominated by notes of coffee and produces medium-sized plants, due to its hybrid heritage. Then, it takes approximately seven to eight weeks to flower. Fatso strain is exceptional and memorable for its distinct aroma of pure diesel fuel, and earthy and herbal aromatic tones. Besides this, Jeeters fatso has a sweet, spicy coffee-like, and woody flavor with touches of fruitiness due to its terpenes.

Effects. Fatso cannabis provides a long-lasting and strong high. Hence, this jeeters pre rolls is one of the most effective sedatives out there. Immediately after several puffs, smokers noticeably improve their mood. The effects are euphoric, lifted, and relaxed in nature, perfect for killing your day’s stresses and leaving you prepped and ready for a peaceful night of sleep.

Medical Benefits. Strains such as the Jeeters Fatso strains have changed many people’s lives, despite the low levels of cannabinoids, and have become popular among medical patients who need pain relief. Fatso weed strains can assist you with the following issues: muscle sensitivity, tenderness, continuous discomfort, feelings of sadness, and nervousness.

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Excitingly, when you take a puff of fatso jeeter joint, the only reason you can tell your smoking is the flavor. You will soon forget you smoking a joint, and feel like you are actually vaporizing, because of the big clouds. Undoubtedly, you will be satisfied, enjoying this super smooth smoke, nice and heavy with beautiful gassy terps. Furthermore, if you are an old-school stunner, or have been smoking for a while and definitely know good quality. Jeeter Fatso will give you one of the best experiences.

You won’t only feel the smoke, you will get the opportunity to taste the smoke and feel the buzz. What’s more, you won’t get any irritations in your throats or feel uncomfortable. This smoke is smooth like the Ass of your Nicki Minaj and Cardi B. Purchase Jeeters right now and experience an absolute pleasure.





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